Fruit-filled Pannekoeken

PannekoekenYou can make fruit-filled pannekoeken in two ways: either cook the fruit and add it to the pannekoeken or cook the fruit within the pannekoeken.  Both are good.  We tried both.

Cook the fruit and add it to the pannekoeken

Sauté the fruit in butter until it is nearly tender and then add sugar and nuts.  We love thinly sliced apples, a handful of golden raisins, and walnut pieces.  You can layer a cream cheese or sour cream mixture under the fruit.  Sprinkle the finished and filled pannekoeken with cinnamon sugar, cinnamon vanilla sugar, or brown sugar or garnish generously with whipped cream.

Cook the fruit in the pannekoeken

It’s certainly convenient and very good to cook the fruit right in the pannekoeken.  We made a fresh peach pannekoeken this way and it was out-of-this-world good.

The fruit does tend to weigh the pannekoeken down so it is not so puffy.  We partially remedied this by piling the fruit in the center, spreading it just a bit, and then baking the pannekoeken with the fruit in it.  At least the edges were puffy this way.