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“The Light and Airy Cakes of Summer Angel, Chiffon, and Sponge Cakes.”

strawberry Angel Food CakeA light and airy angel or chiffon cake seems right for summer.

For guests or family, top a slice with whipped cream and maybe seasonal berries or peach slices. If you would like a little more, use flavored whipped cream or cut the cake into several horizontal slices and fill the cake with whipped cream and fruit or pudding. It’s hard to go wrong.

What’s the Difference?

  • Angel Food Cakes: Angel food cakes are made with egg whites and no oil. Without the yolks, they are very low fat. Often, they have no flour but rely on the coagulation of the proteins in the egg whites to create structure.
  • Chiffon Cakes: Chiffon cakes are made like angel food cakes but the egg yolks are gently folded back into the batter. They are made with oil.
  • Sponge Cakes: Are made with whipped egg whites and again, the egg yolks are folded back in. No oil is added. Sponge cakes and chiffon cakes often use flour.

CinnStripedAngelFeatured Article

How to Make an Angel Food Cake: Angel food cakes seem so much like summer, light and heavenly and never too filling. With a little whipped cream, they showcase the fruits of summer so well—from strawberries to fresh peaches.

Angel food cakes are really easy to make if you follow a few principles. Today, we’ll show you how and share a recipe that is nearly foolproof. Once you understand these basic principles, you can make delectable angel food and chiffon cakes from chocolate mocha to orange chiffon.


  • Chocolate Angel Food Cake Drizzle:  You will fall in love with this chocolate angle food cake drizzled with chocolate icing.   This is an easy angel food cake to make.
  • Orange Angel Food Cake: Angel food cakes are made with egg whites which means that they are low fat, low cholesterol, and have less flour than most desserts. Because of the sugar, they are not low-calorie desserts.
  • Tupelo Honey Angel Food Cake: What a nice twist on an angel food cake! This angel food cake is sweetened with honey, has a touch of orange, and is lightly spiced with sweet cinnamon and nutmeg. Load it up with whipped cream and sliced bananas or strawberries and you’ll have a wonderful dessert.

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