In Celebration of Apple Desserts
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When we lived in Minnesota, when the nights began to chill, we sought out the little apple farms hidden behind the bluffs along the St Croix River.  We discovered  apples, varieties that I never heard of, like Honey Crisp before they became popular. 

We reveled in those apples, eating them fresh and making giant mounded apple pies.  It was obvious that the better the apples, the better the pies.  Still, I would doctor those pies with lots of butter or sour cream and maybe throw in a handful of walnuts.  Toward the end of the season, I would add fresh cranberries from the bogs across the hills into northern Wisconsin.  I loved the colorful red gems with their bursts of tartness nestled within the sweet apples.

In this issue, we’ll make a fully loaded apple pie, fried apple pies, apple dumplings, apple turnovers, and apple kuchen.   You’ll also find our annual apple chart to guide you in your purchase of apples. 

We hope you are enjoying this harvest season.

Dennis Weaver

Fully Loaded Apple Pie

The first of the fall storms rolled in the other night.  At sunset, the sky was thick with dark, billowy clouds.  The wind was strong from the northwest pressing and bending the aspen trees in the corner of the yard, their leaves chattering in rapid staccato. 

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Fried Apple Pie

We have a great fried apple pie recipe on our site, one that calls for canned apple pie filing or dried apples.  But this time of year, you need to make fried apple pies with fresh apples.  Here’s the recipe for doing so.

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Apple Pie Chart

Bewildered by the array of apple varieties at your store or farmers’ market?  Wonder which are best for that special apple pie?  This chart will help you choose the types best for baking and identify the characteristics many apples, both baking and eating.

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Apple Turnovers

Apple turnovers are a cousin to an apple pie: apple pie filling in individual-sized pastry pockets.  In this case, the pastry is loaded with cheddar cheese.  These are perfect for picnics and school lunches.

Read on for the apple turnover recipe >>

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Apple Dumplings

If you want to try something different than an apple pie, try these dumplings.  These are attractive enough for company but easier to make than an apple pie.  The dumpling is made of pie dough folded over sliced and spiced apples.

Read on for our Apple Dumplings Recipe >>

Apple Kuchen

Kuchen is a German word for cake--It’s pronounced “KOO-khehn”—and is leavened with yeast and filled with either fruit or cheese.  It’s the official dessert of the State of South Dakota.

This apple kuchen is topped generously with streusel.

Tools for Apples

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