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You can make great Chinese food at home—restaurant-quality Chinese. What’s more, many Chinese recipes are easy and economical. We’ll help with this newsletter.

Plus you’ll find a whole array of great gourmet foods to sample, not just Asian sauces but Tapenades, Bruschettas, and chutneys—even gourmet crackers for that special occasion.

In this issue, you will find:

Have a great day.

New! Gourmet Food! Plus get free gourmet crackers and more

You will find a new gourmet food section at The Prepared Pantry. You’ll love what you find here:

We’ll give you a free packet of gourmet crackers to try with any purchase of Asian sauces, Scandinavian chutneys, bruschettas, tapenades, or gourmet crackers.

If you purchase more—$35 of these new sauces and dips—you can select four free cracker packs.

Plus you can still get this week’s free kitchen tool.

How to Make Chinese Egg Rolls!

Surprise your family; make them egg rolls. They are not hard. Your family will love them. Or serve them to guests. They’ll be impressed.

These are very easy egg rolls and as good as those in the restaurants. It doesn’t take long—sauté the meat and veggies, wrap, and fry. You can buy the egg roll wrappers so there is no work there.

Once you’ve made these egg rolls, you will do so again and again.

More white pizza recipes . . .

We were pleased with the number of comments that we received about our white pizza recipes. (Keep those comments coming; we love ‘em.) Everyone welcomed a change from tomato-based pizzas. We’re glad that you’re enjoying them.

And some of you love Alfredo sauce as a base on your white pizza. Nothing wrong with that. We tried a recipe sent in by Dawn in Georgia. It was great.

We also made an Asian White Pizza with Thai Peanut Sauce. We had a hard time putting “pizza” and “Thai” together—certainly not traditional, but we liked it. It was different but very good.

Postal rates are going up!

On May 14, The United States Postal Service is raising their rates substantially. If you are sending packages to loved ones via the post office, get them shipped before May 14.

We send about 35% of our packages via USPS. Because of these increasing costs, you will see two adjustments to our rates on May 14.

  • Our Expedited and APO/AK/HI rates will change because USPS Priority Flat Rate is going up from $8.10 per box to $9.15. We will continue to charge estimated actual rates on these services.
  • Free Standard Shipping (contiguous 48 only) will be available on orders $75 and over after May 14 and available on orders $60 and over until May 14.

There will be no other changes at this time including our tiered rates for Standard Shipping.

Make a Mandarin Orange Chinese Chicken Salad

This is an easy and quick salad to make. Sauté the chicken, cut into strips, and add to the vegetables and other ingredients. You can use your own dressing but the dressing with the recipe is worth the extra few minutes.

This is smart summer fare—light eating with a minimum of cooking.

Asian Chicken Stir Fry

Stir fry dishes never have to be boring. They can be varied in so many ways. Instead of chicken, try pork or seafood. Vary the vegetables. Try different Asian sauces.

This is one of our favorites. And again, easy to make.

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