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Ah, the holiday weekend is upon us. For most of us, Memorial Day marks the first holiday of summer with picnics and patio food . . . and of course, memorial services.

In this issue, you will find great patio and picnic food ideas.

Have a great holiday weekend.

New! Pestos and get free gourmet crackers

They have arrived. You will find pestos in our new gourmet food section at The Prepared Pantry. Use these for quick and easy pasta dishes, salads, on chicken or seafood, with crackers, or on a baguette. Even mix a little pesto and mayo to smear on a burger. Pestos are a great way to make quick, gourmet meals on a busy summer day and a wonderful way to entertain friends.

With any purchase of pestos, Asian sauces, Scandinavian chutneys, bruschettas, tapenades, or gourmet crackers, we’ll give you a free sample pack of gourmet crackers.

Making Great Burgers

For us, Memorial Day marks the beginning of the burger season. (But then, it snowed in sunny Idaho two days ago.) Crank out the grill. Let’s make some great burgers.

Burgers shouldn’t be plain. The varieties are limitless. We’ll get you started with some of our favorites.

Chutney burgers! We were cruising restaurant menus looking for great food ideas when we found chutney burgers in The Streetside Eatery in Lethbridge, Alberta. So we started experimenting. Chutney makes great burgers.

Save 60%! Get a Burger Buddy for only two bucks!

The less you handle a burger, the more tender it is. Gently forming a burger with a burger buddy is the best way to make uniform burgers without a lot of forming and squeezing.

Bacon and Potato Salad

Melissa is a magician with potato salad. The recipe didn’t look that unusual. In fact, it looked kind of plain. But when she made it, I thought it was the best traditional potato salad I had ever tried. Merri Ann loved it too..

The dressing is made with half sour cream and half mayonnaise. The tang comes from chopped sweet pickles and balsamic vinegar. This recipe is worth trying.

Try our easiest summer cookies for only $3.99

It doesn’t get any easier than this: Add water, scoop onto the cookie sheet, and bake. No eggs, no butter, no creaming and mixing.

These coconut macaroon cookies are prefect for the summertime. They keep well, they travel well, and everyone loves them.

“My kids ate them as fast as they came out. But I made them save some for their dad.”—Emily

How to Grill Corn on the Cob

Sure, you can boil corn on the cob in a pan on the grill but you can also roast it. There are two ways to roast corn on the cob.

Foil Method: Remove the husks and the silk strands. Brush melted butter on the corn. Wrap the corn in foil. Place the foil-wrapped ears on directly on the grill. Roast for about 15 to 20 minutes.

In-the-Hull Method: Pull down the leaves but do not detach them. Remove the silk strands then pull the leaves back up. Soak the corn in water for ten minutes. This will help keep the corn from burning. Place the corn directly on the grill on low heat or on a higher shelf if your grill has one. At 400 degrees, it will take about 20 minutes for the corn on the cob to bake.

How to Make Ice Cream Pies with Juice Concentrates

The frozen fruit case has so many interesting juices and juice combinations. It’s a shame to relegate them only to the juice pitcher. Instead, try making some great summertime pies. They're, simple, made with a cookie crumb crust and frozen yogurt or ice cream.

Let your imagination begin.

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