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Make these maple breakfast sandwiches just like McDonalds®

Debbie, our webmaster extraordinaire, loves the McGriddle® sandwiches at McDonalds®. The sandwiches are made with a sausage patty and an egg sandwiched between two round pancakes filled with bits of maple. We’ll show you how to make these at home.

These Maple Nut Rolls are to die for!

Everyone who has tried these rolls has just gone crazy over them. They are shockingly good rolls.

Imagine a warm, soft sweet roll filled with walnuts and maple baking chips. The maple chips melt in the hot oven for a nutty, maple filling. Then image these scrumptious rolls topped with a thick maple frosting.

One of our testers said that they tasted just like maple nut ice cream. Another reported that her neighbor lady went nuts over these rolls.

We’ll guarantee this: You and your family will love these rolls.

You’ve got to try this Overnight Baked French Toast

This recipe is one of Melissa’s favorites. (Melissa is a graduate of a New York culinary school and does much of our baking for us.)

It’s a soft French toast made by layering the bread and egg mixture in a baking pan the night before and baking it in the morning. It’s almost a bread pudding layered with caramel syrup.

This is “bed and breakfast good”—and so handy. Because you mix it up the night before, it’s easy to make on a busy morning. We’re so glad that she shared this recipe with us.

Have fun with the pig! Save 20%!

This is a cute addition to your kitchen.

You’ll love your Piggly Cast Iron Bacon Press. Not only is it fun but it is practical. Your bacon cooks quicker, more evenly, and with less shrinkage with this bacon press. This pig is made of heavy cast iron and is 8 1/2 inches long.

Make these Cranberry Nut Orange Muffins

Nothing makes a morning special quite like hot, steaming muffins. These are loaded with cranberries and nuts with just a hint of orange from the juice and zest of an orange.

These are great muffins. You will make high-domed, attractive muffins perfect for company or your family. Since these muffins are made with nuts and fruit, they are a healthy choice. This recipe is worth saving.

Visit our Breakfast Center for more great breakfast ideas

At the Breakfast Center, you will find more great breakfast ideas from recipes, to nutrition, to suggestions, to breakfast in bed. You’ll want to bookmark this page and refer to it for breakfast ideas . . . maybe Mother’s Day.

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