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Yahoo! The kids are out of school for spring break next week. It’s time to think about some fun projects to do with them . . . and give them something to talk about when they go back to class. This issue will help.

  • Make colorful play dough, chocolate banana pops, paint cookies, and more. If you don’t have the guide, “Baking with Kids”, get a free copy this week.
  • Discover our new food coloring gels. Get 12 bright vivid colors for about the cost of the cheap stuff in the stores.
  • Get a free cordless mini-mixer worth $5.99 just for trying our Mayan Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Enjoy the kids this spring break.

Discover a rainbow of 12 bright spring colors

Food colorings are so important in your kitchen. You use them at Easter, when you make birthday cakes for the kids, when the kids help you decorate holiday cookies, and even when you make a fruit salad. Now you can have more colors, more fun with these easy gels for only about a buck a color—probably less than the inexpensive liquids in your cupboard.

These true, vivid colors will make your cakes, cookies, and desserts spectacular. Try these bright color gels instead of your liquids. You will be amazed.

And take a peek at these twelve colors: Lemon yellow, golden yellow, pink, red, burgundy, violet, royal blue, teal, Kelly green, copper, brown, and black.

Make Chocolate Banana Pops for the kids (of all ages)

Janet, our shipping manager, told us how they used to make chocolate banana pops as kids, melting chocolate chips and dipping bananas. The memories of home brought back quiet smiles. Now her kids are dippers too.

It’s easy to make Chocolate Banana Pops and the kids will get a kick out of making them and eating them. But they are good enough that the adults will enjoy them too.

We passed Chocolate Banana Pops around the office. “I don’t remember them being this good,” was Janet’s response. That’s because we used very good quality chocolate.

The easy way to melt chocolate is with the Chocolate Pro Melting Pot. The electric pot keeps the chocolate warm and dipping projects are much easier—especially for this project. Without it, the frozen bananas quickly cool the chocolate and you have to keep reheating it in the microwave.

You’ll want good quality chocolate for this project. Our wafers are made by a candy maker and designed for candy coating. We put an extra thick coating of this chocolate on our bananas and they truly were like a confection.

You can also use a frozen pop cycle treat maker to make frozen pops with juice, yogurt, slightly melted ice cream, or pudding.

We’ll give you a cordless mini-mixer just for trying these scrumptious muffins!

“These Mayan Chocolate Chip Muffins are amazing!”

Have you ever met a kid that didn’t like chocolate? We thought of these double chocolate muffins with a touch of cinnamon as grown up muffins but have watched kids devour them. It doesn’t matter. These are great muffins that your whole family will enjoy—for breakfast, as snacks, or in a lunch box.

“These are to-die-for-good. I’ve never had anything like this.”—Marietta
“It’s like eating a very good chocolate cookie.”—MP

Kids’ Party Banana Splits

These are fancy little banana splits. Let the kids pick the color or match it to your child’s party or the occasion. The secret is melted white chocolate with a little food coloring gel.

In a small bowl, crumble your child’s favorite cookie or a graham cracker. Arrange banana slices around the perimeter. Add a couple scoops of ice cream. Drizzle the melted chocolate over the ice cream and add sprinkles.

Then watch your child’s eyes light up.

Give your kids something good for them

Sure it’s fun to make all these goodies for them but slip in something wholesome—Honey Whole Wheat Bread.

This week, only $2.69 per mix.

Did you know that you can custom color your own sugar decorations?

Kids love to decorate cookies. Even little kids love sprinkles. There is no need to stock different colored sugar crystals in your pantry. Just mix up the colors that you want as you need them. Here’s how:

Simply mix a drop or two of food coloring into a small bowl of sugar crystals. Stir until the crystals are evenly colored. Store any extras in a zipper-type bag or jar.

(If you are using coloring gels, mix a dab of color with a couple drops of water on a spoon and then stir it into the sugar crystals.)

More fun things that you can do with kids

After school or during the spring bread, corner the kids for these fun projects. Anytime kids can work with colors, they love it. These projects will keep them busy for hours.

  • Make your own play dough. You can make play dough as good as what you buy. It’s not hard and it is very affordable. Make a enough for a birthday party or a smaller amount for your own child. With a nice selection of food colors, you can make Johnny’s favorite colors.
  • Paint your own cookies. Use a food color solution and craft-type paint brushes to paint your own cookies. The kids will have a blast or create masterpieces that you can hang for decoration.
  • Free baking guide! Baking with Kids. If you don’t already have this free baking guide, get it here. Kids love to make things. Why not teach them life skills while working with mom, dad, or a grandparent in the kitchen.

Easy Spumoni Ice Box Ice Cream

This bright pink ice cream is easy to make and so good. You don’t need a freezer; you can freeze it in the freezing compartment of your refrigerator.

We started out using maraschino cherries and made a very light, airy ice cream. Then we experimented using cherry pie filling resulting in an ice cream with more substance. Both were good and so we included recipes for both.

More Colorful Deals

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