A Collection of Mini-Loaves:
Make Pretty Little Loaves for the Holidays
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This was Lou Anne’s project.  Lou Anne Johnson works in our test kitchen, baking and cooking.  And she loves to make little mini-loaves and package them up all pretty with ribbons and stickers.   She makes quick breads and yeast breads in linking loaf pans, some not bigger than muffins and some half the size of a standard loaf.  She wraps them in cellophane, ties them with ribbons, and sometimes decorates them with festive stickers.  She’s convinced us that they’re easy, even the decorating.

In this issue, you’ll find a collection of recipes and ideas for decorating.  And to make them really easy, she made some from bread machine mixes—mixing them in the machine and baking them in the small pans.  

See how easy it is to make pretty little loaves.

Dennis & Merri Ann Weaver

Pumpkin Nut Quick Bread Loaves

This is a classic pumpkin nut bread made into mini-loaves.  In our test kitchen, this was a favorite. 

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Mini Anadama Loaves

Anadama Bread is a favorite heritage bread made with a mixture of wheat flour and corn meal.  Anadama is little richer and a little sweeter than most breads.  It’s one of our favorite breads for toast and for breakfast.

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This is our favorite white bread for the holidays.  Sour cream makes this bread just a little moister and a little richer than most.  It is a very attractive loaf with a snowy, ivory white finish.  It’s perfect for meals with guests.

Mini Challah Loaves

Challah is the traditional Jewish Holiday Bread. It’s a braided bread that is fun to make and very attractive.  And braids are easy to do.  We made this one in little loaves.

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How to Make Pretty Little Loaves

Pretty little loaves are a lot of fun.  They are fun to make, fun to decorate, and fun to give.  You can make both quick breads and yeast breads.  You can use your favorite bread and muffin mixes and recipes.  It’s easy.

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Cranberry Nut Quick Bread Loaves

These pretty little loaves are moist and packed full of cranberries and nuts.  They are not overly sweet and the sweet orange adds a very nice counterpoint flavor. 

Cinnamon Swirled Raisin Loaves

Give these as gifts and your friends will love them.  They are as sweet and decadent as a frosted cinnamon roll but very cute.  They are not hard to make. 

How to Make Mini Loaves with your Bread Machine

If you have a bread machine, making mini-loaves is easy.  Start them in your bread machine, make loaves, and bake them in the oven.

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