What can you do with leftover turkey?:
From Soups to Sandwiches to Salads and More
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It doesn't seem like we should have leftover turkey at Thanksgiving.  Dinner is an extended family affair and one would expect the turkey to be gone.  It's not.  That's okay.  There are great things to make with leftover turkey.  Of course we look forward to the turkey sandwiches but there are plenty of possibilities--salads, main dishes, and more.  And the remainder of the turkey goes into soup. 

In this issue, we'll give you plenty of ideas--enough for all of your leftover turkey.  You'll find tacos and casseroles, hot sandwiches and a white bean chili.  You'll love these recipes.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend. 

Dennis & Merri Ann Weaver

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Open Face Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches

We always enjoy a cold turkey sandwich but this is a hot sandwich topped with a cheese sauce.  The surprise ingredient is some of your leftover chip dip spread on the bread as you would mayonnaise.  (The dip gives it pizzazz but of course, you can use mayonnaise.).

Turkey Supreme

This is a traditional turkey dish, turkey in a white sauce served over rice.  We added slivered almonds and peas.  This is easy-to-make comfort food.

Turkey White Bean Chili

This soup is so good, it's worth cooking up another turkey.  It's hearty, spicy, and full of flavor--and easy to make with canned beans.

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Turkey Enchiladas

When I was growing up, my mother made this dish often.  She would freeze her leftover turkey and use it later for this dish that was always a favorite with the family.  (Dennis)

Read on for the recipe for turkey enchiladas >>


Turkey Salad Sandwiches

We have always been partial to chicken salad sandwiches.  This a version made with leftover turkey meat.  The dried cranberries are a terrific addition--bright red sweet nuggets of flavor.

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We used American Harvest Multi-Grain for these sandwiches and they were terrific. 

Turkey Tacos

You can make traditional tacos with leftover turkey meat.  This is an excellent recipe for the dark meat from the turkey. 

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Turkey Club Salad

If you like club sandwiches, you'll like this salad.

This beautiful salad is simple to prepare.  It is made with leftover turkey, bacon bits, tomato and lettuce--just like a club sandwich.

Turkey and Broccoli Quiche

When we are through testing and the photographs are taken, we set out the food for others to try.   It's a great gauge of popularity.   Debbie, who does our photography, couldn't wait for a slice of this and proclaimed it one her favorite quiches.  Come to think of it, everyone liked it.

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