Adventures with Pannekoeken
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When we lived in Minnesota, we discovered a chain of pannekoeken restaurants in the Twin Cities.  We visited them often.  We loved the Dutch dishes called pannekoeken.  The breakfast menu was loaded with fruit-filled pannekoeken.  The dinner menu included pannekoeken with meats and vegetables.  The menu seemed to change constantly and exploring the choices was always an adventure.

We've been gone from Minnesota for five years and wondered about those pannekoeken restaurants.  So I picked up the phone and called.  I reached the manager who was helpful and friendly.  We have included some of his comments in this issue.

Melissa had never made pannekoeken before. She was surprised at how easy and quick they were--faster than pancakes and just as easy.  And she was amazed at how good they were. 

In this issue, we'll share our adventures with pannekoeken and our recipes. 

Dennis Weaver

Everyday Pannekoeken

You can make pannekoeken with fruit fillings or savory fillings, but for everyday pannekoeken consider plain pannekoeken.  

We compare pannekoeken with pancakes but they are really much different, much more egg-rich and less bread-like.  The texture is wonderful.  Serve it with jam or syrup just as you would with pancakes.   We think these pannekoeken are perfect with our new Lawford Private Reserve Cream Syrups.

Perfect for Pannekoeken

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Fruit-Filled Pannekoeken

You can make fruit-filled pannekoeken in two ways: either cook the fruit and add it to the pannekoeken or cook the fruit within the pannekoeken.  Both are good.  We tried both.

Make Pannekoeken with a Mix

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Dessert Pannekoeken

Pannekoeken makes great dessert fare.  Load them up with a filling much as you would a cream pie and add fruit if you like.  On the Pannekoeken Huis menu there is a chocolate mousse and banana pannekoeken and a strawberry sour cream pannekoeken.  We went to work building our own recipes.  We're sure they are different than the Pannekoeken Huis versions but these are very good.

Pannekoken Pans

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What pan do I need to make pannekoeken?

You need an ovenproof pan with rounded sides and preferably a nonstick finish.  You'll bake your pan at a fairly high temperature and a dark finish will absorb heat and help to bake the bottom of the pannekoeken quickly.  The rounded edges help the pannekoeken puff properly and make it easier to slide the pannekoeken from the pan to a platter.  (If your pannekoeken sticks a little to the pan, slip the blade of a nylon spatula under the pannekoeken to loosen it from the pan.)

You can buy a specially designed pannekoeken pan from our online store.  They are not expensive.  And this week, they are on sale.

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Savory Pannekoeken

Pannekoeken can be made with meats and cheeses for a lunch or dinner meal.  Derek Moberg of the Pannekoeken Huis was good enough to fax us a copy of his dinner menu.  It included a nice array of savory pannekoeken dishes from Southwestern to Shepard's Pie.  Use his menu for inspiration and make your own creative pannekoeken.

Notes from The Pannekoeken Huis

It has been five years since we visited the Pannekoeken Huis in Maplewood, Minnesota.  We remembered the pannekoeken that we enjoyed so much so we picked up the phone and called the restaurant.  These guys know pannekoeken. 

Read on for the interview with the manager of The Pannekoeken Huis >>

Phone: 1-866-745-7892
Address: 3847 East 38 North | Rigby, Idaho 83442

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