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Good morning!

Great Italian restaurants always have great breads. Today we’ll show you how to make wonderful Italian breads. Then you can have Italian any night.

  • Make great ciabatta bread.
  • Make great focaccia.
  • Make Tuscany Tomato Basil Bread (even in your bread machine).

In this issue, you’ll also find:

And more . . .

If you like Italian (or spices or peppers or chocolate), you’ll love this issue.

Make ciabatta bread like at the restaurant

Ciabatta is a rustic Italian loaf that's light and airy with a hard, thin crust. This is a chewy bread, rich with olive oil, and attractively dusted with flour.

This rustic Italian bread is unique. The dough is so wet that you don’t even shape the loaf—just scrape it onto the baking pan into any interesting shape. The resulting loaf is flat and irregular.

Get down with pepper—the favorite spice!

All peppers are not created equally. We’re partial to fresh ground pepper and look for the best peppercorns. And in our shakers, we like large, black flakes from coarse ground pepper. But we know that some folks prefer fine ground pepper.

We found a great importer of fine peppers on the West Coast and stocked up. We think you’ll enjoy these peppers.

Everyone loves peppercorns and the flavor of high quality, fresh ground pepper. Tellicherry whole black peppercorns are left on the vine longer so they develop a deep, rich flavor. They are larger and more mature and possess a more developed flavor. Tellicherry peppercorns are considered by many as the finest peppercorns in the world. These extra-large berries come from the Malabar coast of India.

Catch this neat little hand crank peppermill—and get free peppercorns!

We fell in love with this neat little peppermill and think you will too. It’s cute, it’s solid, and it’s different. Check out this little handcranker.

Class up your table with a set of porcelain pepper shakers. Normally $7.95, the set is yours free with a $25 order.

Save up to 40% on these Italian Spices

If you are doing Italian, you need Italian spices . . . for pizzas, for pasta, for breads and more.

It’s easy to make great focaccia!

You can bake focaccia from a recipe or one of our mixes—and use your bread machine. Here we’ll tell you how to make focaccia and offer you a great deal on focaccia mixes.

This is just about as easy as it gets for some really good homemade focaccia. You can make the dough in your bread machine (or with a stand-type mixer). It doesn't take a lot of time and it's a great project to tackle with the kids.

Save up to 40% on chocolate and chips!

Alas, the after-Christmas sale is past. But we held over the chocolates. These aren’t ordinary chocolates; they are great imported chocolates—much better than what you'll find in the grocery stores. The dark chocolate is richer and deeper, the milk chocolate and wafers are creamier and smoother, and the specialty chips—like butterscotch and peanut butter—mellow and luscious.

Try our new Tuscany Tomato Basil Bread

From the sunny regions of Tuscany comes this traditional loaf bread made with our best sun dried tomatoes and gourmet Italian basil. Now you can make it in your oven or in your bread machine.

  • New! Tuscany Tomato Basil Bread. This wonderful bread is now formulated to make great Italian bread in your bread machine.
  • Traditional Tuscany Tomato Basil Bread. Make two loaves at a time with your stand-type mixer or by hand. This bread makes great Italian dinner rolls whether you use your bread machine or not.
  • Try our Bella San Luci ® Sun Dried Tomatoes. These are the best sun dried tomatoes that we have found. We love them in breads, salads, and stir fries. We order these directly from the producer so you can be assured that they are fresh. (Fresh sun dried tomatoes are still red.)

Choose a free gift with your $25 order

Get a free porcelain salt and pepper shaker set worth $7.95 or a flexible cutting board or My Favorite Spatula or a biscuit and donut cutter. Your choice.

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