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Dear Baker,

There’s no need to heat up the oven—do your baking outside on the grill. You’ll find it easy. We’ll tell you how to bake beautiful pizzas, breads, and more on your grill. (And in an emergency, wouldn’t you like to know how to use your grill as an emergency oven?)

Plus top off your summer evening with this creamy strawberry pie recipe.

This is a “can’t miss” issue.

Use your grill as an outside oven

Your grill works well as an oven. In your kitchen, the oven traps and circulates hot air so your food cooks from all directions, not just the bottom. With the lid down, your grill works the same way. Your grill lacks the controls of your oven but the principle is the same.

In this issue, we’ll tell you how to bake bread and pizza on the grill but you can use the same methods to bake almost anything—your favorite casserole or dessert as well as breads.

Baking on the grill will change how you eat in the summertime.

Learn how to bake pizza on your grill

Pizza is even easier to bake on your grill than is bread. Pizzas are baked quick and hot—perfect for the grill. You can have picture-perfect pizzas from your grill in no time.

How to Get Started Baking Pizza on the Grill

You can get by without a baking stone but we recommend one.

These Italian Bread and Pizza Mixes make for great pizzas the easy way.

You will need a timer to remind you to check on your pizza.

For a cool summer treat, make this strawberry cream pie

Everyone loves ice cream pies. This is not an ice cream pie—but close. It is made with cream cheese and whipped cream instead of ice cream. Use either fresh or frozen strawberries.

Your family or guests will love this pie. Debbie, our webmaster, says that it's the best dessert that we've ever made. I'm not sure that it's the best but it's close.

Don’t miss this week’s specials!

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And try our new Maple Nut Cookies with a free fruit sample.

Learn how to bake bread on your grill

In the cool of the evening, the patio is inviting--a respite from the midday heat. It’s nice to crank up the barbecue and enjoy an evening with family or friends in the quiet shade. But we still like our bread. Fortunately, you can bake bread on your grill. With a little practice, it’s easy.


How to Get Started Baking Bread on the Grill

You can use any recipe or mix. For your dinner rolls and hamburger buns, save money on the following mixes.

You will need a second baking sheet.

You will need a timer to remind you to check on your bread.


A Final Tip . . .

When baking on the grill, we suggested putting an additional pan or stone under the breads to deflect the bottom heat. The same practice works for other foods.

When you bake potatoes or roast corn on the grill, wrap your veggies in aluminum foil and place them on a baking sheet instead of directly on the grill to avoid burning. The same goes for foil dinners baked on the grill.

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