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Look at what you can do with granola!
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February 15th, 2005

Granola! From apple to French vanilla--we like it all. We especially like to make our own.

And then a reader wrote and asked if we had a recipe for muffins made with granola. Why not? Sounds both scrumptious and wholesome. There ought to be lots of fun things that you can do with granola. So we went to work in our test kitchen and came up with some recipes you'll love . . . like Great Granola Muffins and Apple Chunk Granola Bread.

Plus--of course--we'll tell you how to make your own granola.

Great Granola Muffins
A wholesome, hearty muffin. The granola reminds us of bran cereal in the muffin.

Granola and Raisin Muffins
A tender, cake-like muffin made sweeter with raisins.

Apple Chunk Granola Bread
We love the texture of this sweet bread and the apple chunks and spices remind us of apple pie.

Plus . . . if you missed it before, here's how to make your own granola.

We hope you have fun with your granola. We suspect that many recipes calling for oats will work well with granola. Experiment around a little. If you come up with a real gem, let us know. We'll post it on our website for others to enjoy.


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P.S. If you haven't tried our Traditional California Raisin Bread, catch it while it's on sale. You'll love this cinnamon-laced raisin bread with just a touch of citrus.

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