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Today, we’ll show you how to make turnovers.  Remember those Hostess® fruit pies we had as kids?  Now you can make your own plus pocket sandwiches, calzones, and piroshki.  They are easy to make with a dough press—and we’ll give you a great deal on one—but you can also make these by hand. 

You’ll find a free e-book and free video telling you how to make great piroshki, hot pocket-type sandwiches. 

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How to Make Fruit Turnovers

When we were kids, we used to slip to the corner grocery store after school and buy Hostess® fruit pies.  Berry, apple, and lemon were our favorites.  You can make your own. 

Turnovers are made in a pie crust type pastry dough.  They can be baked or fried and filled with fresh fruit, canned, or dried.  Canned pie fillings work great.  If you wish to make lemon or cream filled turnover, use a pie filling or a pudding.

You can fold the pastry dough over the filling and seal the edge with the tines of a fork.  It’s easier to make shapely turnovers with a dough press.  The cupped press holds the filling in place and the press crimps and seals the edges.  This week get a dough press for only $2.99.

What’s a piroshki and how do I make them?

Piroshki are Russian-style pocket sandwiches.  They can be filled with a variety of foods and are great for snacks, lunches, and appetizers.  We’ve put together a video to show you exactly how to make these pocket sandwiches.   Plus get the free e-book for recipes.

How to Make Calzones

Calzones are closely related to pizzas, sort of a folded over pizza. Somehow though, cutting into the crisp, golden crust of a calzone to reveal a luscious filling is a different experience than eating a pizza. But if you can make a pizza, you can make a calzone. In this article, we’ll tell you how and give you a recipe.

Look what you can make with a dough press!

While you can make calzones, turnovers, and piroshki without a dough press, a dough press does make it easier.  A dough press is simply a hinged, double-cupped mold, with a crimping edge to seal the pastry dough.  The cupped mold holds the filling in place.  You can use it with either bread dough or pastry dough like a pie crust.   You can fill it with anything from pizza fillings for calzones, meats for dumplings (there is a dumpling recipe on the box), or pie fillings for turnovers.   

Make baked donuts in your oven!

Make light, fluffy donuts in the oven. It's a breeze with this cute pan and easy mixes. Bake them just like you would muffins. The pan comes with recipes but these mixes make terrific donuts or experiment with cake mixes and your favorite cake recipes.


Try our favorite crust recipe for turnovers and piroshki!

While you can use almost any pastry dough, even refrigerated dough from the grocery, this sour cream pastry dough is our favorite.  It is easy to work with, shrinkage is minimal, and it's flaky and delicious.  We use it both for pocket sandwiches and turnovers.

Bread dough has “springback”—the gluten makes it elastic. You need to let it rest several times for the dough to relax.   We’re always in a hurry.  Our pizza dough mixes have a relaxer added.  It’s not much—less than a quarter teaspoon per mix—but it makes the dough very soft and workable.  Give it a try.  This dough mix is not just great for pizza but perfect for calzones and pocket sandwiches.

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